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Beautiful clothing has the extraordinary capability to make any women feel more glad and special for any occasion. Darius Raisey gives you the most beautiful custom dresses at affordable prices. Our fashion designers team offers all types of custom mother of the bride dresses and formal ball gowns for all sizes. For the most selections of women dress styles – including wedding dresses, evening gowns, pageant wear dresses, and mother of the bride dresses.

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We take the utmost pride in not only give the variety of colors, women dress styles, and sizes, but also offering these best quality styles at reasonable prices. We are glad that you have chosen women dresses. Clothing styles have developed all over the globe, depending mainly on the geography of a region and secondarily on the culture, religion, and custom preferences. Our dressing sense is a direct expression of our choice. The Darius Raisey designs the dresses according to your needs & preferences. Totally custom dresses as well as inexpensive price, are available.


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Many customers are shopping online today to buy all sorts of merchandise. Darius Cordell can produce totally custom dresses for special occasions. You have been dreaming up a pretty evening gown or even a simple wedding dress. We are a dress designer firm based near Dallas, Texas that has been in existence since 1996. We expert in custom-made evening dresses, formal wear, and bridal wedding attire. Initially, we only sold our wedding salons, wholesale to evening dress designs, bridal shops and high-end dress boutiques all across America.


Eventually, our studio set up like a traditional bridal store. After our move, we published our first website. And that is when we began allowing the retail clients to buy from us directly at a retail cost. We insist you browse our huge selection of wedding dresses and be sure not to neglect about the accessories. Darius Cordell provides dresses according to your needs & preferences (again either with or without changes) in your own specific and personal measurements. As normal all the dress designs featured can be produced with any changes.

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As a dress designer that specializes in custom wedding dresses for all sizes of women. Darius Cordell used to his out-of-state clients being concerned about their measurements and ensuring they are correct. In this sense, he will point out a few things to remember when taking measurements for larger sized women. The one point to consider when taking measurements for a plus size bride is that accuracy and placement of the tape measure really count. One more important point is to make sure you are taking the measurements in the same location that the person making the garment is taking them.

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Such as, there is more than one way to measure the length. The bust measurement is also a tricky one. You need to measure under the bust on top of the bust (width of the chest) as well as from nipple to nipple. Taking the measurement from the hollow of the neck down to where the center bust line starts is also helpful. Many times that measurement missed on plus size wedding dresses. When looking at the hip measurement you may want to do bottom hip as well as top his – especially for curvy women or brides who have larger hips. Darius Cordell can produce totally custom dresses for you. It can discourage to spend time choosing and buying your Plus Size Clothing only to find out the clothes do not fit perfectly.

Buy Custom Wedding Dresses from Darius Raisey

Many times, it is difficult for a bride to imagine a custom wedding dress in a pencil sketch. Darius Raisey provides you the best custom wedding dresses, evening dresses, and pageant wear dresses. As normal all of the designs featured can be made with any changes.  All dresses color combinations are also available. The pricing of our made to order garments is reasonable. Darius Cordell is a brand specializing in ladies special occasion wear.


Our dressmaker allowed her to travel the world, meet different people and learn about new cultures. We have provided forever unique and great quality same as the pictures. A wedding dress is the most carefully chosen dresses a woman will ever wear. Darius Raisey has added an exciting new collection of pageant gowns to the already extensive collection. You have been dreaming up a pretty wedding gown or even a simple wedding dress, we insist you to browse our huge selection of wedding dresses and be sure not to neglect about the accessories!


Get unique dresses from Darius Raisey

Nowadays, a mostly women want those clothes to have a unique style and not frumpy. The entire custom mother of the bride dresses that Darius Raisey produce can execute with any change that a consumer requirement.  We began selling extensively only to retail stores. Years later we once our main website was built we began selling retail to clients from all over the world.


A client of any shape or size can have a custom couture made a garment for their special moments. We allow for design changes. We can use any image you have as inspiration or create a replica if the original is out of your price range. Dresses designs can be made in any measurements and can be adjusted for all body types. Darius Raisey is a fashion designer of incredible bridal gowns and affordable evening wear for women of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they will love an haute couture design that is out of their price range. Here at Darius Cordell can easily make a replica of the designer dress for them that is in their price range.

Get the best Custom Dresses from Darius Raisey

When our company first started, we mainly sold custom-made pageant dresses for contestants throughout America.  Since that time, we have introduced different styles and lines in our collection of evening dresses. A pageant dress from Darius Cordell will make you feel fabulous and compliment you. At a pageant, everyone will be looking at the confidence with unique style. Therefore, we have a vast knowledge of what a seasoned contestant may need in a competition dress and passion for beauty pageant competitions.  Long Sleeve designs with a long train seem to be the prominent request right now.


We use excellent and high quality pointed back rhinestones and glass crystals. Pageants are all about putting your best foot forward, looking, and feeling glamorous. The beading on pageant dresses has sewn by machine and by hand. We can accommodate just about any price range that is required. Darius Raisey produced custom pageant dresses for girls in the teenage, Miss and Mrs pageants.  If you are looking for a USA based fashion designer, then we can help you.  The pageant premises surrounding Texas are Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Hire expert custom dress designer

On my website, he shows several of bridal gown designs, mother of the bride dresses and other special occasions formal for clients to consider. DARIUS CORDELL is a Texas-based dress designer expert in custom wedding dresses and couture evening gowns that sell to clients worldwide. All of them can be made to order in any size and with any changes. Actually, his focus was on pageant gowns and beauty competition attire. A few seasons after he started his own collection of evening dresses he also decided to add bridal gowns and other wedding attire to his collection as well.


Originally, showrooms had positioned within the Atlanta and Dallas apparel markets. At that time, we were strictly a B2B company selling wholesale to retail stores. While still in Oklahoma, he opened my retail designer studio that was open to the public. DARIUS CORDELL has been involved in the fashion industry since 1993. In 1998, he moved with family, retail studio back to home state, and currently, resides in the city of Frisco.